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by Ralph Kinnard

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Your job as an actor : Make the audience FEEL emotions. The entire movie industry is build around the fact that we can evoke emotions in an audience any time, any place.

Charismatic actors have done so over the last century and now you can start this journey to strengthen your charisma and make people feel emotions at will. In this practical guide, Ralph Kinnard will show you how to follow in the footsteps of great American actors and learn about techniques that will build your understanding of scene work, put you on the path to create your Emotional Intelligence and set the stage to develop and grow your own personal charisma.

Casting Directors, Directors and Producers love Creative Actors who value their talent.

Whether you are thinking about acting on Film, TV, YouTube or creating your product for any other social media outlet – your talent is your most valuable commodity and learning how to use it will be key to your professional career.This 60’ish page quick read is a real road map to success in your acting career.Get your copy now.